1 Year Fashion Design Course

The course is designed with a view to teach the basics of fashion design

2 Years Advanced Fashion Design Course

The course has variety of topics intended to enable the learner to be a well-rounded fashion designer

Garment Pattern Technology Course

The course enables existing employees of the garment industry to get well versed with the Pattern making which is the backbone of the garment industry

CAD Training – Apparel Pattern Making

The course teaches student to make pattern and grade it through computer software-‘Gemini’.

Our Fashion Design Courses

  • 1 Year Fashion Design Course: If you are running short of time and cannot commit for a 2 year course. This is the best option for you. This course is a crash course and sufficient to become capable of understanding fashion design in a crux.
  • 2 Years Fashion Design Course: Sometimes, going slow and learning at the own speed is most suitable to grasp the content. So, a 2 year course is best suitable if you are serious in making a mark in fashion design institute.

Some Other Garment Industry Related Courses

  • Garment Pattern Technology: Meant for students already working in the garment industry. We teach pattern drafting in detail in this course.
  • CAD Technology-Apparel Pattern Making: In this course, students learn on-screen pattern making and grading through computer.